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The Principal and Director Enjoyed a Productive and Successful Visit to the United States

From January 16th to February 2nd, 2008 the school principal, Sun Peiwen, and the director of the International Department, Zhang Xiuming, visited the United States. They were invited to Michigan and California for an 18-day visit by Mrs. Kangas, Director of the FFGC(a foundation). The Michigan local superintendents and school principals warmly welcomed them upon arrival. The Foundation arranged for visits to 12 local primary and secondary schools, the international high school, and the universities. A lot of information was exchanged and gained during the visits. Topics discussed included: teacher training; student exchange; studying abroad; TCFL; international school construction.

TongShengHu International Experimental School

Seven Outstanding Exchange Students from Tongshenghu School Triumphantly Return from United States.

From January 16th to February 15th, 2008 seven outstanding students from Tongshenghu School participated in a student exchange program. The seven students were: Sun Yitao, Senior Department; Sun Yan, Senior Department; Ying Jiayuan, Senior Department; Jiang Kui, Junior Department; Yang Zeqi, Junior Department; Lei Feiying, International Department; Zhang He, International Department. They studied in Thurston High School and lodged with local host families. Meanwhile, they also visited the local famous art and history museum, and Michigan University. The Foundation and the school celebrated Chinese New Year for them. They gave presentation on Chinese New Year and the school, as well.
The presence of Chinese students in the Reford, Michigan was a popular topic covered by the local media. Both the school and host families praised the students’ outstanding performance.
Zhang Xiuming, the director of International Department said, “Our school will regularly send outstanding students to the United States for short-term, semester, or year exchange. At the same time, the International Department will recommend that excellent students, who are eligible, to study in high school and apply to well-known universities in the United States.”

The Chinese Exchange Students of January 2008 and their host families!
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